CCTV for photovoltaic systems

CCTV for photovoltaic systems

HGT srl, an expert company in the photovoltaic world, has created specific types of ad hoc systems with a view to monitoring the protection of the site and its work.

Through specific surveys, we gave to the authorities the ability to remotely view own system after receiving warning generated by the software CCTV installed at own fields Infact, with the aid of motion areas or through the use of video analytics (crossing the line, abandoned object, facial recognition and license plate recognition), we can provide you with a live signal that can be integrated with alarm control units or professional systems of intrusion beyond the normal surveillance that can be performed in the wide field or in detail.

Systems of this type can also be assembled in rack cabinets to ensure all safety standards that a video surveillance system must have: closure with security key, constant ventilation and a secondary power source (UPS) in case of power failure.

All devices used for this area are tested by HGT before being marketed, fundamental operation to ensure the quality of the product to the customer.


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